Monday, November 29, 2010

Scientist creates ice age park in Siberia

Russian scientist Sergey Zimov is reintroducing ice age animals in to the wilds of Siberia.

He hopes that by doing so he will be able to demonstrate his theory that animals such as wild horses, musk oxen and reindeer can help to turn the barren tundra in to tall grasses and complex roots that will stabilise the frozen soil.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Area 51 gets cool reviews from Google users

The idea of knowing what lies inside the mysterious military base, would be enough to send most space geeks weak at the knees.
Its contents and purpose have long been kept intensely secret by the US government, leading to widespread conspiracy theories, many linked to supposed UFO activity.
But pranksters on Google Maps, which allows users to review places they have been to, have given the remote base an emphatic thumbs-down.

Sardonically referring to the site's massive security operation and its rumoured links to extraterrestrials, many invent travel nightmare stories involving crashed spaceships and military heavy-handedness.
One, whose comments were reproduced on, writes: "Never park your spaceship nearby. I had a permit (and was legally parked), and they still towed! Not only that, but they refused to return it to me. Now I have no way to get back to my native planet Xenu."
Another, giving a tongue-in-cheek five-star rating, adds: "I cannot wait to visit again. This is possible, because I am alive and not dissected with my organs on display in a research compound."